Is your goal to improve your interpersonal skills, Presentation Skills, Persuasion, Influencing, and Negotiation?

How to communicate effectively, efficiently, build rapport with people, and drive cooperation?

How to improve our chances of getting truly heard and understood?

If we - and that's a fact - get much more information through listening to people than reading,
  • Why do we spend years learning how to read, and never even contemplate how to listen
The general literature on communications skills is sometimes unscientific and many times incomprehensive and sufficient..
  • What is the solution to this problem?
  • How can one get a wider perspective on understanding and improving communication skills and communication techniques?
How to utilize verbal intelligence and other communication tools and components (like body language, Active listening, and understanding hidden messages) to:
  •   Deal with difficult people better and 
  •   Achieve personal goals, and 
  •   Reduce typical communication blunders and improve interpersonal effectiveness?

In an increasingly connected world, communication skills are becoming much more essential for success... Yet there is a frightening amount of miscommunication...

The huge growth and increase in communication and the increasing 'noise' around us, create more motives and incentives to master and improve our communication skills, communication techniques and communication understanding...

This Page is dedicated for Think-Grow's contribution towards the above issues:       

The "Communication Skills Improvement Learning Module"


A strong foundation for improvement of communication skills...

Diverse Sources to ensure the bigger and wider picture...

Integrating development of communication skills with improvement of other interpersonal skills (Including, but not limited to, Presentation Skills). 

The "Communication Skills Improvement" Learning module will:

  • Help you: 
    • develop excellent communciation skills, and 
    • build foundations for all your interpersonal skills and soft skills
  • Facilitate the application of a set of communication skills to both professional and personal worlds, and introduce the different aspects of improving communication effectiveness
    • Help you communicate your thoughts and opinions more clearly, as well as better understand others, 
  • Help you use the communication skills and tools into general situations of getting your ideas heard, to building rapport with others, to dealing better with 'difficult' people, delivering better presentations
  • Familiarize with different writings and books on the issue of improving communication skills

The 'Communications Skills Improvement' module contains nine documents / book summaries that are integrated, arranged, and presented in a way that will help you to consistently understand, relate, and apply the different concepts practically, instead of being just theoretical/useless reading. The structure of the 'communication skills improvement' module allows you to learn the concepts intuitively, and see the overall picture, giving you a deeper and more practical understanding.

This module includes summaries and documents covering :

  •  Communication essentials and foundations 
  •  Verbal Intelligence, and its application in developing communication skills, 
    • As summarized from Tony Buzan's important book "The Power of Verbal Intelligence"
  •   Harvard Business Review resources on Listening skills, and Professional Communication
  •   The application of communication skills in 
    • As summarized from"Dealing with Difficult People" by Brinkman & Kirschner
  •   Professional communication skills - From multiple sources
  •   A set of communication skills, the key skills of communicating, non-verbal communication, body       language, questioning skills, etc... 
    •  With the summary of "The Best-Kept secrets of Great Communicators" By P. Thomson
    • And the summary of "The Seven Deadly Skills of communicating" By R. Jay
  •   Presenting and Sales presentation skills
    • Summarized from "Present to Win" and "Communicate to Win" By R. Denny
  •   And more...

Why the "Communication Skills Improvement" learning module?

Why would it make an exceptionally great investment towards developing your interpersonal skills, and improving your personal and professional effectiveness?

Well... It is:
  •   Comprehensive and Diverse (Includes lessons from different writers and researchers)...
  •   Integrated and Connected (Easy to remember and learn from)... 
  •   Practical (Contains different applications and excercies)... 
  •   And - very importantly -  Compact, Concise and Short 
    • It is composed of summaries and short documents that can be read one-a-day; It is not lengthy complex useless set of endless pages...
 It is just simple, compact, useful and to the point.

The Bottom-Line...

It is very hard to find reliable and comprehensive resources on improving communication skills, that are truly practical, diverse and scientific- not to mention concise and compact...SOLVED

It is also very difficult work to get reliable book summaries, and to research the relevant needed books... SOLVED 

Getting communication training (Communication Skills &/or Presentation Skills) - and many of them are fairly basic and with limited advantages - is a very costly investment: starting at more than $1000 for training module many times. It is an important investment though... Considering the strong impact communication skills development can have on your long term success...  SOLVED

It is also sometimes very difficult to get the book summary that you want from some websites on the internet, assuming you know exactly what you need, and you found exactly the one you need, without buying an extended - probably useless to you- package...This is not the case here... no $120 Annual subscription needed here. No multiple items purchase necessary... SOLVED

The price for this specfic investment in longer term success and personal development is not similar to the above... Being a general learning module, aimed at people working towards their self improvement it is priced at $19.9... with the hope of being an affordable and useful tool.

Also... These first orders will also get with this package, one additional book summary which includes excerpts relevant to communication improvement from the writings and the two landmark books on personal effectiveness :
  •  "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey
  •  "Social Intelligence" by Karl Albrecht

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