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This Page Includes book summaries of key books related to leadership development, management development, general organizational development, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning…

 Blue Ocean Strategy - Book Summary — $2.99

Blue Ocean Strategy presents ideas on innovative business and the planning for strategic success through creation of new markets: “blue oceans”. ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ discusses the Innovative business method of escaping the boundaries and limitations of traditional strategic thinking (competitive in nature), which is tied to red oceans, into the wider and broader possibilities of creating strong value innovation through working in newly formed, creative blue oceans. Strategic thinking and planning for strategic success through creatively altering the market boundaries in an entrepreneurial business-like manner, is a very valuable tool for manager and leaders in their quest to create fast-growing and entreprenerial business.

Read about these creative concepts in this summary of “Blue Ocean Strategy”, with valuable frameworks and tools that aid strategists, entrepreneurs and business leaders in creating the entrepreneurial business.

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Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" - Book Summary — $2.99

In “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell a broad view of long term success. Gladwell presents lessons that are not simple ones that you can directly apply in your planning for strategic success; rather it is important to understand many of the hidden factors that in turn will give us an important insight and understanding of significant success and achievement. These lessons help us in setting better environments that give individuals living in them better chances for success.  

This summary of Outliers Presents key factors that are the building blocks of success, and with a number of good and insightful examples.

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Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman) - Book Summary — $2.99

Daniel Goleman’s most important book “Emotional Intelligence” created a revolution in the field of personal development, growth, leadership development and management development, even though it applies to both professional and personal fields. Fitting within the multiple intelligences theory, Emotional Intelligence is examined by Goleman in a very scientific manner; its central role in developing soft skills and interpersonal skills, personal success and leadership success, as well as professional success is considered in detail. The concept of Emotional Intelligence is central for leadership skills, leadership development, and when planning for strategic success.

Goleman presents ‘Emotional Intelligence’ through four parts: the emotional brain, the nature of emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence applied and windows of opportunity.

‘Emotional Intelligence’ is not to be missed as a key step in any effort for self help and personal development. Even if the book is a bit complex, this summary tries to simplify the information presented and deliver it in a complete, clear, yet simplified manner.

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Peter Drucker's "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" - Book Summary  — $5.99

In ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, Peter Drucker deals with questions, policies and decisions; opportunities and risks, structures and strategies; staffing, compensation and rewards – All in their relation to the Innovative business, Entrepreneurial Business, and in a strategic planning method. This is a revealing, exciting work, highly critical in approach, and is nevertheless a practical and illuminating study of an area crucial for today's world: Entrepreneurship Development and Planning for the strategic success of Entrepreneurial Business and Small Business. This – in term – is central for management development and leadership development. 

In “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, Peter Drucker gives leaders in entreprenurial businesses and innovative businesses a description of the practice of innovation (the sources of innovative opportunities, systematic and purposeful innovation), then moves to the practice of entrepreneurship in different types of organizations, and concludes with a very interesting descriptions of different classes of strategies that entrepreneurs can exploit to achieve success systematically in the market place. This summary also includes a big number of examples and cases that help in delivering the point with clarity and detail.  

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Daniel Goleman : The New Leaders - Book Summary — $2.99

“The New Leaders” explores the consequences of emotional intelligence for leadership development and organizational leadership development and improvement. Daniel Goleman teams up with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee and unveils scientific evidence linking organizational success or failure to primal leadership, and draws from decades of analysis within world-class organizations, and their planning for strategic success. ‘The New Leaders’ explores a host of interpersonal skills and soft skills (in the leadership repertoire) that can be inferred from emotional intelligence and that are central to leadership development in our time. 

 This summary of “The New Leaders” is a comprehensive yet concise one that is devided into three parts: The Power of Emotional Intelligence (includes primal leadership, resonant leadership, the neuroanatomy of leadership and the leadership repertoire), Making Leaders (Becoming a resonant leader, motivation to change and metamorphosis), Building emotionally intelligent organizations ( organizational leadership development through assessing the emotional reality of teams, reality and the ideal vision).

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