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This Library contains some of the ebooks, book summaries, tutorials and guides that are used in the different sales packages, around Sales and Marketing Management, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Business Sales Management and Sales Skills. The Sales and Marketing Library offers business managers, sales professionals, and marketing professionals of different levels with tools to enhance sales and marketing competencies, and provide a valuable and low-cost resource for your organization.
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 Channel Management — $6.99

OR ‘The Science of Leading organizations for Sales Success’

Channel Management is a very important field of focus for modern sales managers especially with the development of markets and the increased need for dedicated focus on operations and service to ensure better customer satisfaction. This is a very important sales strategy.

This short book aims at developing Channel Management skills that can be utilized to excel in sales management by looking at:

·· Channel Recruitment ( Selection of the right channels , Presenting to channels , Strategic Considerations, Marketing Segmentation and Differentiation Strategies )

·· Leading Channel ( Strategic Planning, Channel Incentives and Motivation, Sales Planning )

·· Managing and Directing Channels ( Control, Evaluation, Sales Leadership and Sales Strategy )

·· Channel Relationships  (Inputs and tips about Conflict management, Negotiations, Power struggles in the channel context)

·· Resources on Channel Management.

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 The Little Red Book of Selling Summary — $2.99

OR 12.5 principles for sales greatness.

The "Little Red Book of Selling" presents general ‘key’ practices(Sales Skills and Sales Techniques) necessary for Sales Success. The approach is humorous, clear and chronological, and the scope is wide covering many sales issues and sales tips. As the title says, it aims at empowering you to succeed continuously through understanding the underlying principles. It includes an overview of different needed Sales Skills Including Presentation Skills / Customer Service Skills / Negotiation Skills / Interpersonal Skills and Sales Techniques and Sales Strategies and Competencies. 

The summary below presents the main concepts, topics and guidelines present in the book, and puts them into perspective. It includes lists of pointers and advice that aims for sales skills development leading to sales success and strategic sales excellence.

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Philip Kotler's 'The Principles of Marketing' - Book Summary  — $3.99

(Marketing Strategy and Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Planning and Strategic Planning)

Principles of Marketing (or "Marketing Management" among other names), is Philip Kotler's classic and a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of modern marketing. "The Principles of Marketing" includes the topics of Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing Planning, Brand Marketing, Product Marketing, Positioning, Differentiation,  The different Marketing Communications Fields (Advertising - or Mass Marketing, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Interactive / online / word of mouth marketing, etc..),  and more strategic and tactical marketing and sales management and business management themes.  

Kotler takes a rigorous, practical and managerial approach to issues and problems across the marketing mix. Philip Kotler is an undisputed authority in the field of marketing, and "the principles of marketing" is one of the most important references in marketing management and a clear proof of his mastery of the marketing field. 

This summary includes a description of the major models, frameworks and definitions, as illustrated by Kotler, in a manner that aids in forming a comprehensive and broad overview of different marketing management-related concepts and fields. The summary itself serves to deliver the major picture, introduce the different fields, and serve as a general reminder and refresher that can be extremely beneficial to any – and every – marketing professional who wants to keep a strategic view on marketing management and marketing planning.

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 Secrets of Question Based Selling - Book Summary — $2.99

Question based selling is an important requirement forSales Success, and a very valuable sales skill. "Secrets of Question Based Selling" focuses on the importance of using the right questioning to identify the opportunity, understand the potential and solve the problems. It equips sales professionals with important sales tools, that can be used strategically to improve sales performance. Asking questions also helps in solving key sales objections. 

This summary offers a complete methodology to develop Question Based Selling skills, leading to improved customer service and long term sales success.

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 The New Strategic Selling - Book Summary — $1.99

'The New Strategic Selling' introduces a new in-depth approach to selling. Sales objectives can be managed more successfully if sales people look at the sales process as if they were stake holders in the process along with their customers.Sales success can be achieved by keeping a longer-term and more strategic view on the whole sales process, and dynamically improving the customer service experience. The Skills of Strategic-Selling are explored with a view of Sales Planning, Competition, and Strategic and Tactical Sales Skills.

This is a short summary that offers an interesting insight into a group of ideas and concepts that can have a drastic effect on sales performance, and can contribute to a wider understanding of elements leading to sales success.

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