Welcome to Think-Grow,

Think-Grow is an approach to education that builds on an understanding of the changes that have affected the knowledge and learning dynamics lately, and aims to:

Contribute by methodology, practices, cooperation, tools and content to the occurring develments in the learning field.
Spread a culture of innovative & collaborative learning.
Benefit users with products that not only teach a subject, but also develop the sense of a wider
perspective and longer term vision.
Facilitate the attainment and utilization of interdiscip linary and wide knowledge.
Having big goals is one thing, but sound execution and group work are the real factors that can transport goals from the field of imagination to reality, and it is part of Think-Grow’s philosophy that its growth can only happen through collaboration and the efforts of a large coordinated group.

We hope that Think-Grow can live and grow through “your” efforts and contribution to it as a shared platform.

Share your opinions, possible contributions and questions by emailing [email protected] (also emails us if you would like to be part of the Think-Grow team) and visit our participation page to contribute to ongoing projects and undertakings.

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Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope that our efforts can be of service, contributing to your knowledge and development.


[email protected] is a database of reviewed and useful online knowledge resources.

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The Sales Library offers different useful book summaries & ebooks

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The "Sales Manager's Repertoire" is a comprehensive module developing the core fields of sales management.

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This module aims at reaching sales excellence and improving all fundamental sales skill sets

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