Think - Grow: Why?


"Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
T.S. Elliot-1934

The idea of is to provide easy, accessible and wide knowledge, and help spread a culture of learning that is suitable for our fast times, keeping focus on the end goal which is attaining enough knowledge to reach wisdom, the utilization of this knowledge to achieve life's goals.

Knowledge and Wisdom

The Understanding of the Knowledge model, and the definitions of the constituents of the DIKW pyramid is a topic that has had increased attention lately. This is how the pyramid looks:



.Data is unprocessed observation and measurement, which might or might not be useful.

.Information is the processed, objective, interrelated, analyzed data with established relationships. Information is a message and can constitute an answer to simple questions.

.Knowledge is an integration of information in order to form a complete whole. Knowledge can be subjective as its not strictly defined, but it requires wide information and advanced analysis and synthesis abilities.

.Wisdom is the Joining of different wholes, 'knowledge's. It includes novelty and creativity, and is fundamentally the endowment to know beyond the how and why, into the realm of doing 'the right thing not things right'. The utilization of multiple knowledge fields.
Obviously, since learning is not an aim by itself, but rather a means to achieve and grow, the ultimate goal of learning is to move up the pyramid, thus to widen one's knowledge and "understand" more about its potential for utility. 


Knowledge and The Challenges of our times

Steven Covey mentioned once that our age can be called the "age of wisdom". After passing the stone age, Industrial age till the late Information age, we are in a new era.

The huge proliferation of information and knowledge, and the ease of attaining it, raises the bar of expectations that are required from an individual in our time. The set of skills and knowledge that would have been enough to succeed a hundred years ago is completely less that the current required average.

The strong interconnectedness of the different fields and aspects of our lives, the media explosion and the evolution of more revolutionary knowledge tools are among the factors leading to raising the level of requirements for success.

Many of the motivational leaders and success writers stress on lifelong learning as one of the crucial factors for success, and this normal especially with the fast advancement of sciences, specifically social and psychological sciences.

A point to note here is that with the increase of the amount of information available for learning, there is a much bigger increase of 'junk' information. Information that you don't need or that is untrue or trustworthy.  Having a wider knowledge and bird eye view and understanding gives a better sense of criticism and ability to sort through relevant, useful and valuable learning as opposed to 'noise'. hopes to be able to contribute to your learning, through providing you with enough tools to attain enough knowledge for your field, and by providing enough compressed knowledge to help you get the critical sense discussed above while improving both your lateral and vertical knowledge.

The Vision of Think-Grow

One of the eBook and knowledge-related phenomena lately is the widespread of book summaries over the internet. This is a clear form of consumerism as it moves to knowledge and invades intellectual life. It is very important to know that wisdom is not a fast food meal that can be digested in hours. Attaining wisdom is an attitude that becomes character, with all the determination, perseverance and strength that is related to that.

Remember, if a book summary was enough, there would have been no need to write the book in the first place. Book summaries make sense only when your goal becomes to have a general knowledge about a field and understand all its aspects with strong attention to details and specifics, never simply as a replacement for the book

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This is the mission of Think-Grow:
Providing the tools to attain enough knowledge, and the explanation on the route to be taken for that,
while keeping in mind the general bigger picture, even though covering diverse fields.
Think-Grow gives the learner more control over the process,
and bigger and deeper understanding through more effective use of time and organization.

The 'Learning' Sections of Think-Grow

Books    : Ebooks offered by Think-Grow and its friends
Modules:  Offers comprehensive and complete coverage of topics.
Library  : Contains many books,articles, summaries, available separately


[email protected] is a database of reviewed and useful online knowledge resources.

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The Sales Library offers different useful book summaries & ebooks

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The "Sales Manager's Repertoire" is a comprehensive module developing the core fields of sales management.

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This module aims at reaching sales excellence and improving all fundamental sales skill sets

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