as part of its commitment to knowledge and knowledge innovation offers comprehensive modules that cover a wide spectrum of books and writing on a certain subject.
A certain learning module will typically contain:
      • an overview of a learning plan that when followed will ensure a view that not only develops knowledge of the subject but also relates that subject to a bigger learning plan and to other fields.
      • summaries of the top books and articles in a certain subject,
      • an explanation of other needed learning that will lead to mastering this field
The goal is surely to allow learners to have a wide exposure that gives them encyclopedic knowledge and enough understanding to determine the most interesting fields for their individual needs so that they can more specifically and educatedly expand their readings.
If you have extensive knowledge and thorough learning of a certain field, and are able to produce a comprehensive module of summaries and learning plan, please write to us [email protected] to explore the potential for offering your module through Think-Grow.
Think-Grow offers the following comprehensive modules: