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Think-Grow offers three different modules/tutorials that are related to sales training, sales skills development, and sales success.These Learning modules and tutorials that not only will develop the professional knowledge and experience of sales personnel, but also serve as a general tutorial for individuals who want to grasp the value and benefits that can be derived from sales skills and a sales career, including interpersonal skills and soft skills.

The first and fundamental sales training module is the

ONE Sales Training Excellence Module.

(Sales Training/ Sales Tools/  Sales Skills, Books Summaries/
Tutorials/ Articles..  In ONE easy to grasp, low cost sales success sales training module !!)

Why Sales?

Sales is the front line of business, and all business in the end is sales. Sales success is the success of the business. We constantly find ourselves in situations that require sales skills in everyday life, also it is crucial for any business owner to master sales, leadership and management skills.

Successful Sales people have in common the the set of 'skills of sales success' - qualities of confidence, perseverance, positive thinking, self motivation, drive, people and interpersonal skills, empathy, creativity, good communication and can 'create deals'. Qualities of sales success are qualities for success in general in life.

Sales Excellence and understanding its dynamics can easily constitute a crucial building block in any personal development and self help program!

The development path for a successful sales professional

Continuous learning is the most important element in success, but random learning can be as good as no learning. Drawing a clear road map for development and gradually shifting focus to more advanced topics, according to that preset plan becomes of key importance.

This development needs to happen along many dimensions in parallel. This includes personality and attitude, knowledge and soft skills and analysis of different effective sales tactics and strategies.

This is not different for the case of achieving sales success. Below is a schematic for the proposed plan to develop the sales skills, and according to which the sales trainings and general learning modules provided by Think-Grow are designed.


ONE Sales Training Excellence Module

ONE is a sales training program that aims at developing the necessary sales skills and knowledge in the sales field. It starts with the fundamentals, examines the sales process giving a deep understanding of its dynamics, focuses on techniques for closing and important concepts in sales, and contains a host of different sales skills, sales strategies and sales tactics that if applied will very significantly improve the performance of any sales  professional.

Why the "ONE Sales Training Excellence Module" ?

This Sales Training module is equivalent to an intensive and very rich sales skills development training that is categorically organized and includes Key tools, articles and Summaries that ensure sufficient coverage on all the above mentioned stages of sales training.

It will give you a broad yet deep understanding of key concepts and skills that are required for sales success, help you take charge of your sales skills development and equip you with knowledge for achievement and further development. ONE will save a lot of time, which every successful sales professional knows is the most valuable resource, because it will give only the most important and necessary concepts and sales skills in each of the fields.

Its very much different from the sales literature in that it is:

Designed according to a clear sales success development guide

Very Easy to grasp, clear to understand, and requires a relatively small effort because the material is arranged in small parts

A complete Library on different sales skills in itself, for the price of one book

Linked to two other modules that will respectively develop  sales leadership and management, and

Very unique and has a different approach for sales training


What Does "ONE" contain?

The ONE Sales Training Excellence module contains the following material:

- A total of 31 arranged Sales Training Summaries/ Sales Skills tutorials/ Book Summaries/ Audio

Summaries of a TOP 10 Best Sales Skills books including: The Little Red Book of Selling, How to Become a rainmaker, High Trust Selling, Secrets of Question Based selling, How to Close every sales, Metaphorically Selling, Value Added Selling, The New Strategic Selling, Secrets of Question-based selling (some of these books can be found here)...

Audio Tutorials giving briefings on Motivation, Skills, Building confidence, and other interpersonal and sales skills.

Many Tutorials covering:

Sales Presentations, Sales Fundamentals, Do's and Don't's..

Personality development

Sales process understanding (Sales Process, Buying Process, Creating rapport, Probing, Supporting, Demonstrating, Handling Objections, Closing, Cooperating towards sales success more.. )

- Sales Tactics and Sales Strategies (Up-selling, Cross Selling, Understanding Customer types, Sales skills and Techniques, overcoming setbacks, etc...)


Who is "ONE" for?

The "ONE" Sales Training module is a complete sales library in itself and will greatly benefit:

- Sales Professionals who want to develop their careers

- Sales Managers who want to provide systematic coaching for their staff and who will benefit from the knowledge for training sales forces and developing their sales skills.

- Human Resource Managers who will be able to provide the sales staff of their companies with a very valuable tool 

- Business managers seeking to get an extra edge and maybe a very helpful categorizing and refresher on Key sales skills and broadly understanding sales success.

- And any scholar of success who wants to benefit from the many lessons of sales in achieving life's goals!

Robert Kiyosaki was once asked by a writer to advise on how to succeed in writing as she has been facing a slowing career, and his simple answer was : "Go take a course in Sales"!


Considering the prices available for eBooks,  tutorials and book summaries, the price of the ONE Sales Training Excellence Module can easily exceed $200!

This is not the case. In fact this is one of the philosophies of Henry Ford regarding pricing -The point is that this sales training reaches the biggest number of people, and helps as many.

The price is set to $19.99 currently, which means that the average price of a tutorial is less than $1, NOT even remotely close to anything available online [not to mention offline].

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The Sales & Marketing Library

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[email protected] is a database of reviewed and useful online knowledge resources.

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The Sales & Marketing Library offers different useful book summaries & ebooks

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The "Sales Manager's Repertoire" is a comprehensive module developing the core fields of sales management.

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